4 signs that you should purchase a semi-frameless shower
semi-frameless shower screens

Shower screens are one of the biggest structures in your bathroom, meaning that it makes the largest impact on the room. A shower is more than just a feature that allows you to get clean or destress after a long day. It affects the aesthetic of your bathroom and it’s overall functionality. For these reasons, you should carefully consider the type of shower screen that you select. Many people are caught deciding among frameless, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens, but how do you decide which is right for you?

Knowing if a shower screen is right for you, regardless of the type, is dependent on more than just what looks good in your bathroom. While aesthetics play a major role, your lifestyle, family’s needs and the space in your bathroom are the real determinants of the type of shower screen that you need.

Panorama Shower Screens’ semi-frameless shower screen

At Panorama Shower Screens, we offer semi-frameless shower screens that are the perfect fusion between framed and frameless. They are sleek, yes structurally sturdy and provide the best of both worlds.

Our semi-frameless shower screens are made with precision and offer functionality in design and elegance. They are made using high-quality aluminium and screens made from Australian Standard Toughened Safety Glass and are fitted with a twin-lock adjustable pivot system and a full-length captive magnet.

Though our product sounds great, we know that it can be difficult deciding among our product line. So, how do you know if our semi-frameless shower screen is right for you? We’ve outlined 4 signs that you should purchase the Panorama Shower Screen semi-frameless shower screen.

4 signs that the Panorama Shower Screen semi-frameless shower screen is right for you

#1 You are in search of an affordable but elegant product

While all of our Panorama Shower Screen products are elegant, our frameless shower screen is,  decidedly, the most timeless option. While we would recommend this option to persons solely in search of an elegant product, for those who also want affordability, a semi-frameless shower screen is the way to go.

Because our semi-frameless shower screens have partial framing and therefore, do not require a glass screen as thick as those on our frameless shower screen, its manufacturing cost is much lower, meaning that its cost price is also lower. You can also maintain some of the elegance of a frameless shower screen because of the semi-frameless shower screen’s partial framing. For an even more impressive effect, request that your frames are white for a near-seamless frameless look.

#2 You need a low-maintenance option

Again, frameless shower screens are most low-maintenance because of their complete lack of framing, however, semi-frameless shower screens are also a good option for this. The framing on a semi-frameless shower screen does not exist on the inner-edging of the screen. This part is where the majority of grime and mould is located. Without framing on this portion of the screen, it is quite easy to maintain as build-up does not occur and vigorous cleaning of the framing is not needed.

#3 You would like to customise your shower screen but maintain its sleekness

While frameless shower screens are a good option for people who want a dramatic impact on their bathroom, some would rather a subtle hint of colour. A semi-frameless shower screen provides this by offering customisation on the partial framing of the screen. However, its lack of framing on other areas of the perimeter helps to maintain the screen’s elegance and stops the customisation from becoming overbearing in the bathroom.

#4 Your bathroom is small

With a small bathroom, you need to maximise the space you have and, in any way possible, make the current space that you have, appear larger. A semi-frameless shower screen can easily fit into a corner of your bathroom without disrupting the flow of your space. Its glass screens reflect natural light, causing it to bounce around the room and illuminate dark corners of the space.

Combined, a semi-frameless shower screen does not just maximise the use of your space, but it also makes it appear larger.

Investing in quality semi-frameless shower screens is vital for any home. If you have any more questions about semi-frameless shower screens or any of our other products, contact our team. When you reach out, we’ll ensure that you find a product that meets every requirement and needs that you may have. Our installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.