4 tips for keeping your frameless shower screen clean this winter

Though a frameless shower screen is incredibly low-maintenance, like anything in your bathroom, it can get dirty and ruin the tranquillity of your bathroom. During winter, this problem is amplified because of the need to shut all windows and doors, causing a lack of air circulation which results in a number of problems for your bathroom. While a frameless shower screen is considerably easier to clean and maintain than many other shower/bath options on the market, you do need to exert a little effort to keep it in tip-top condition.

A frameless shower screen is much easier to maintain than a semi-frameless or framed shower screen, however, if you’re busy, can’t afford professional housekeeping or just never remember to clean your shower screen, then it will inevitably become dirty over time. There’s no need to stress! Throughout our years in the shower screen industry, we’ve developed a few tips and tricks that will make maintaining your shower screen a breeze!

What causes a frameless shower screen to become dirty?

If all you do in a shower is shower, then why does it get dirty?

There are a number of factors – some out of your control – that can cause your shower screen to develop grime and spots. Here are some of the causes:

  • Hard water which is high in minerals mixes with your soap and leaves a film on your glass called soap scum.
  • Mildew and mould can develop in your shower during winter. During winter, the air is very high in moisture which encourages mould growth, particularly in rooms with high moisture content that are warm, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • Soap that is not properly removed from your shower screen can stay on the screen, harden and build-up grime.

4 tips to keep your frameless shower screen clean this winter

Ventilate your bathroom

Ventilation is the culprit for many issues in your bathroom, including mould. By opening your windows and doors – even during winter – you give the steam built up by your shower a chance to escape. This is also helpful if you have your dryer in the bathroom. Leave your window open while the dryer runs to avoid a build up of humidity.

Ventilation is one of your best defences against the build-up of mould spores in your shower. Try leaving the shower screen door open as well after you take a shower so that the steam built up from your hot shower is released.

Mould can be an issue throughout the year, however, Sydney is particularly humid and moist during winter, making it pertinent that you facilitate ventilation from March to August.

Ensure your bathroom is rinsed clean after every shower

When showering in your shower, it can be easy to neglect the soap suds that end up all over your bathroom. While you can’t control the suds, you can make sure that they don’t dry on your shower screen. Before you step out of the shower, rinse your shower thoroughly, ensuring that all of the suds have dissolved. You can also take this opportunity to rinse the shower floor and make sure that any grime is washed off.

Use a squeegee

A squeegee is an excellent way of ridding your shower screen of even the tiniest sud or soap residue. We recommend keeping a squeegee in your shower so that you can easily and quickly squeegee your glass every day. It can be rapidly done in a few seconds, can be quite satisfying and, best of all, ensures that your glass screen will stay sparkling.

Customise your glass screen

While this is not a tip for keeping your glass screen clean, it can make maintenance a little bit easier. For people who simply cannot be bothered to maintain their shower screen, we recommend customising the type of glass screen used for your frameless shower screen.

You can select from frosted, sandblasted or textured glass screens – all of which will prevent you from noticing build-up and grime on your screen. While this is a temporary fix and can delay your intermittent maintenance on the screens, it does not mean that you can never maintain your glass screen.

Investing in quality frameless shower screens is vital for any home. If you have any more questions about a frameless shower screen or how to maintain it, contact our team. Our shower screen frame installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.