4 ways a semi frameless shower screen can transform your bathroom
Semi frameless shower screen

Are you in the process of designing your new bathroom? With so many different design options and fittings to choose from, this can be an overwhelming time. Interior bathroom designs have seen many updates over the years. One of the most recent and popular developments have been the semi frameless shower screen.

Semi-frameless shower screens are a great option as they provide a similar aesthetic to frameless screens but with the ability to add more customisation, colour pops and character to your bathroom. Simply, if you are looking for a combination of style, beauty, elegance and seamless design — semi frameless shower screens are the ultimate choice.

We’ll be discussing the ways that a semi frameless shower screen can transform your bathroom and your experience with it. Whether you’re able to get design inspiration or practical advice from this list, we hope that you see the advantage of having a semi frameless showerscreen in your bathroom.

Add colour pops

A significant advantage of the semi frameless shower screen is the ability to add tiny pops of colour to your bathroom. The framing can be customised according to your bathroom’s colour palette. This small, but impressive feature, is noticeable enough to make an impact on your bathroom but subtle enough to keep the elegant and sleek identity of the semi frameless shower screen. Coloured frames are an easy way to transform your bathroom without splurging or making a drastic change.

Here are a few trending colours for 2020 to update your bathroom:

  • Black – a pop of black can add a sleek and modern touch to your bathroom. Though harsh if added to large surfaces, black frames add a professional touch and would pair well with other popular bathroom colours like grey, white and cream.
  • Beige – with the rise of eco-consciousness, 2020 has seen a natural colour palette trend. This is no different for bathrooms. Try a white or beige frame to stay on trend and give your bathroom a clean and seamless look.

Let the light in

A well-known advantage of semi frameless shower screens is that they let natural light bounce around your bathroom. It may sound simple, but the power of natural light, especially in bathrooms which lean towards the small side, is superb. For even the tiniest of bathrooms, natural light can pierce through your screen and dance around your bathroom, giving the illusion that it is a lot bigger than its reality. Because a semi frameless shower screen is made of glass, the space it occupies is not blocked off, creating a fluid movement throughout the room and spacious appearance. Who knew a semi frameless shower screen could add space?

Easy cleaning, consistent maintenance

A semi frameless shower screen does not have frames around the entire border, making it low-maintenance and a breeze to clean. How does it transform your bathroom? Well, it greatly reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning the nooks and crannies of the frames and makes it easier for your bathroom to look extremely clean all of the time. While not a design transformation, it will definitely transform the appearance of your bathroom.

Choose your glass

Did you know that you can also customise the actual shower screen? That’s right, you can select the type of glass that you’d like for your semi frameless shower screen. Depending on your personal need, you can choose from glasses that give you more privacy, are crystal clear for a more sleek and modern look or that offer a subtle colour tint. The choice is yours!

Now that you know how transformational a semi frameless shower screen can be, you’re probably wondering where to purchase them.

Where to buy semi-frameless shower screens?

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Are you ready to transform your bathroom?

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