Are framed shower screens the right choice for your home?
Framed Shower Screens

When the time comes to install a new shower in your home, you can be bombarded with a number of different options. Though not many people think about it, the type of shower screen that you select can impact your day-to-day lifestyle as well as its longevity. Framed, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens all have their advantages and disadvantages, making it pertinent that you thoroughly research before you make your decision. It can be incredibly overwhelming to determine which is the most suitable shower for your family’s needs. However, by asking yourself a few questions, you can easily come up with a solution that fits your every need.

What are framed shower screens?

For those confused about the difference among the types of shower screens available, let’s discuss what framed shower screens are. Framed shower screens are Australian Standard Toughened Safety Glass screens with aluminium framing along its perimeter.

At Panorama Shower Screens, we fit our framed shower screen with a twin-lock adjustable pivot system and a full-length captive magnet to ensure that our product is high-quality without compromising its design.

Where can I find framed shower screens in Sydney?

You can find frameless semi-frameless and framed shower screens at Panorama Shower Screens.

Can you customise framed shower screens?

Yes, you can customise framed shower screens – framed shower screens are the most custom-friendly option. Panorama Shower Screens offers a variety of design options, glass styles and colours to match the decor of any bathroom. With the right colour choice, framed shower screens can provide a modern profile to suit any space or provide a pop of colour.

You can speak to a member of the Panorama Shower Screens team for more information or guidance.

4 questions to help you determine if a custom framed shower screen is the right fit

Do you have older people at home?

One of the major benefits of a framed shower screen is its stability as well as how easy it is to climb in. Both options are very suitable for homes with older people for two very different reasons. First, the configuration of a framed shower screen makes it easy for older people who may have mobility issues to step into. It also provides enough space for them to sit while showering. The second reason also applies to children in that the frame around the shower screen provides more security and stability for people to hold onto and reduces the risk of injury.

Are you on a budget?

If you’re searching for a shower that is modern, sleek, clean and gives your bathroom a spacious appearance, but you’re concerned about the price, then a framed shower screen is your best option. It is the most affordable option offered by Panorama Shower Screens and comes with a number of benefits. It’s also an excellent choice for people who would have rather purchased the frameless shower screen but needed a more affordable option. In this case, you can request a silver or white powder coated frame for the framed shower screen as this will give it a similar clean effect (like the frameless shower screen).

Do you want a customisable option?

If you want an option that allows you to customise your shower completely, then framed showers are perfect for you. The frames give you an extra customisable element that allows you to either give your shower a clean and neutral aesthetic (by selecting a silver or white powder coat), a modern/industrial aesthetic (black is the best option for this) or a pop of colour for your bathroom! Other ways you can customise include selecting from different design options and glass styles.

Do you prefer a long-lasting option?

Lastly, if you are concerned about the stability of your shower screen, then a framed shower screen is the most secure option that you can find. The frame provides extra security to the glass screen, ensuring that it stands the test of time. All panels are completely enclosed by an aluminium frame meaning harsh water and bathroom conditions can be withstood without damaging your shower screen which is made with Australian Standard Toughened Safety Glass.

Overall, it’s an extremely durable product that is sure to be a valuable addition to your bathroom.

Investing in quality framed shower screens is vital for any home. If you have any more questions about framed shower screens or any of our other products, contact our team. When you reach out, we’ll ensure that you find a product that meets every requirement and needs that you may have. Our installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.