Black framed shower screens: a timeless design that is here to stay
Black framed shower screens

A moment in time can last forever if it’s timeless. In 1849, a company called Crittall had established in Essex, England, where their iconic black framed shower screens were initially designed and invented.

Many interior designers favour this versatile frame as it accentuates and works with so many different themes and styles. From industrial, traditional or country per se, read about our ten reasons why you should include this statement piece in your bathroom.

Ten reasons why we at Panorama Shower Screens love black framed shower screens

  1. Show stoppers: When paired with the proper colour contouring and materials, a framed shower screen can be the star of the show. It is the perfect addition to your bathroom renovation.
  2. New York ambience: Have you ever been to Soho in Manhattan? Black aluminium-framed shower screens combined with exposed fixtures will make you feel like you’re right at home in a New York loft apartment.
  3. On-trend: If your bathroom has limited space, using one panel will make a difference to the area. Combining this with an antique white tile or a marble vanity will complete the style of this room. There is no need to make the space too busy with different trinkets and finishes. Nowadays, simple is best when you have such a statement piece in your bathroom.
  4. Add definition to your bathtub: Considering adding a black framed shower screen over your bath? This simple touch alleviates mess and gives your tub a designer’s touch with minimal space wasted.
  5. Make a walk-in shower stand out: A walk-in shower can make the room look bare and unfinished, especially if you solely have no frame glass screens. With black-framed screens, you are completing the personality of the room and making it feel more decorated.
  6. They work in large spaces: Combine black-framed doors surrounding your shower with touches such as bronze finishes and sheer white curtains on your windows. This will emphasise a French provincial style to your bathroom.
  7. Modernism: A black framed shower screen can be design-forward when incorporating dark vanities, white and black tiles and silver finishes. This gives your bathroom the London look, modern and chic.
  8. Complements other colours and styles: You think your black frame won’t match a country or Hamptons style home? Black framed windows and shower screens are iconic for versatility and can submerge and assimilate into any design blueprint.
  9. Timeless: When strategically paired with other timeless interior pieces, your bathroom will give off the feeling that you are stepping into a moment in time that once was and still is appreciated today.
  10. Connect the interior and exterior: Appreciate the aesthetic black framed shower screens? Use the black frame style on your windows; it defines spaces and makes them pop.

Framed screens provide a defined and finished looks to any bathroom space and suit modern and traditional bathrooms. Clients of Panorama Shower Screens love this style so much; we have ensured that all of our framed shower screens are entirely customisable to tailor to your desired style. We offer different colours if you seek a more bespoke design.

Our company prides itself on being a company that offers designs tailored to accessibility. Our framed shower screen configurations make it easy for people with mobility issues to enter the shower. We can also customise your shower’s shape and size to ensure, if required, an option to sit in the shower whilst feeling comfortable and secure.

An aluminium frame encloses all panels to ensure it doesn’t damage the actual screen. Regardless of what colour framed shower screens you choose, these frames are known to be one of the sturdiest and economical shower screens on the market today.

What do we offer when you buy with us?

  • Customisable frames
  • Various glass options
  • Colour variations
  • Low-maintenance frames and screens
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Installation of all of our products

Our framed shower screens are made from Australian standard toughened glass, a safe and high product.

To get a quote, please contact one of our friendly staff on (02) 9724 3051 or email us at When contacting us, our team will be happy to source a product that meets your needs and requirements, and our installation team will make sure the process is seamless and efficient when fitting your Panorama Shower Screens products.