How can a semi-frameless screen make your summer shower better?
semi-frameless screen

As we’re in the middle of a hot Australian summer, there is nothing better to look forward to than a refreshing shower during the day that reinvigorates your body. As many people know, not every shower is built differently. The beauty of a shower lies in the relaxing experience that it facilitates. However, some bathrooms have a closed-off, dark and small shower that can make you feel suffocated – the opposite effect you want from your shower. This usually happens when bathrooms are dated and have baths instead of walk-in showers. While baths have their use, we believe that showers, specifically semi-frameless showers are the best option for summer showers.

We know that people don’t install showers based on the season, however, as the majority of Sydney’s weather is warm, semi-frameless showers are the best option all-year-round.  Summer in Sydney is warm, beautiful and sun-filled. Your shower should be relaxing, refreshing and tranquil. A semi-frameless shower screen will accommodate both summer and your shower.

In this article, we’ll explore how a semi-frameless shower screen can make your summer shower heaps better.

4 ways a wall-to-wall semi-frameless shower screen with a sliding door can make your summer shower better

1: Glass screen reflects light

A semi-frameless shower screen is always great for bathrooms regardless of its size or style. Many bathrooms, especially in older homes suffer from being too dark and stuffy. This problem usually arises when there isn’t enough natural light in the bathroom. While it’s difficult to improve the stream or amount of natural light in a bathroom, it is relatively easy to capitalise on what you currently have by installing a semi-frameless shower screen. A glass shower screen reflects natural sunlight and bounces it around the bathroom, instantly illuminating the bathroom.

2: Wall-to-wall semi-frameless screen makes the bathroom appear larger

As homes are relatively small in Sydney, especially older homes, bathrooms also suffer in size. This ruins the experience of a shower as it is difficult to move around and generally, ruins the calming ambience in a bathroom. To exacerbate the issue, a shower or bath takes away from the already small space and disrupts the flow of the bathroom. However, if a shower has a semi-frameless glass shower screen that is wall-to-wall, this impact can be avoided. A glass wall-to-wall screen will prevent a blockage in the flow of the bathroom and instead, give the impact that it is not there or not taking up added space.

3: Sleek and elegant design

The design of your shower also impacts the experience in your bathroom. A dated and unattractive shower or bath makes you  not relax or fully enjoy your shower and ultimately, affects the entire aesthetic in the bathroom. A semi-frameless shower screen is modern, sleek and attractive, regardless of the decor in your bathroom. On just aesthetics, a semi-frameless shower screen will make your summer shower infinitely better.

4: Practical summer option

Practically, a sliding semi-frameless shower makes the most sense during summer. During the summer everyone goes to the beach. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit in a steaming hot bath while it’s hot and there’s sand on them. A semi-frameless shower screen with a sliding door is the easiest way to hop in and out of the shower when you need to.

How can I improve my bathroom for summer?

Unlike winter, during the summer there is no need for extra light or warmth. Instead, focus on elements that emphasise the brightness and beauty of summer. Here are a few of our recommended additions to your bathroom for summer.

  • A mirror – reflects light around the bathroom, much like a glass shower screen.
  • White towels – adds to the lightness and brightness of the bathroom.
  • Fresh flower – emphasises the beauty of summer and adds a subtle pop of colour.

Investing in quality sliding semi-frameless shower screen is vital for any summer-loving Aussie as it has a number of benefits for your bathroom as well as your lifestyle. When you reach out to our team, we’ll ensure that you find a product that meets every requirement and needs that you may have. Our installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.