How can a semi-frameless shower screen add value to your home and life?
semi frameless shower

If you’re thinking of installing shower doors, or determining whether you need a shower or bath, then you have a lot of options from which to choose. The bath and shower market in Sydney is full of many beautiful products, all of which are worthy of a home. At Panorama Shower Screens, we urge our customers to choose the shower screen that adds the most value to their home. Our recommendation? A semi-frameless shower screen.

What does Panorama Shower Screens’ semi-frameless shower screen look like?

Most of our clients know what a framed or a frameless shower screen looks like, but many are confused about what a semi-frameless shower screen is. A semi-frameless shower screen has both frameless and framed edges to the glass, however, the edges that have frames vary. Semi frameless shower screens offer the transparency of a frameless shower screen with a modern look, but are much sturdier and offer a few more advantages. Panorama Shower Screens’ semi-frameless showers are also fitted with a twin-lock adjustable pivot system and full-length captive magnet.

Why is value important to consider when deciding on a shower screen?

With whatever decision you make for your home, you should always think about its value in your life and home. How will it benefit you? Here is why your choice of shower screen matters:

  • Its return on investment
  • Your satisfaction with the purchase
  • Suitability to your family

There are many more reasons why you should consider whether or not a shower screen will add value to your home and life, however, let’s now explore how a semi-frameless shower screen will benefit you.

4 reasons why a semi-frameless shower screen will add value to your home and life

Increases your property value

While most new additions add value to homes, semi-frameless shower screens are particularly attractive, and often contribute to an increased resale price. Semi-frameless shower screens, add functionality and attractiveness to your bathrooms, which increases the resale value of your home as prospective buyers consider it a valuable feature.

A semi-frameless shower screen allows more attractive features in the bathroom to shine and generally, make it appear larger, tricking prospective buyers into believing that it is larger than its reality. Our company utilises the highest quality aluminium and glass, ensuring that the value of your shower screen reflects its quality.

Requires little attention in your home

Semi-frameless shower screens are extremely durable because of the quality of the materials that we use. Our semi-frameless showers are fitted with a twin-lock adjustable pivot system and full-length captive magnet and manufactured with the highest quality aluminium and glass. Semi-frameless shower screens are also much sturdier than frameless shower screens because of the aluminium framing used on their edges.

All of these elements contribute to a durable shower screen that will certainly last you a lifetime. Additionally, because of the configuration of the semi-frameless shower screen, it is much easier to maintain, requiring very little cleaning, even with regular use.

Overall, this creates a product that adds value to your home and life by reducing the energy you exert in maintaining it. Additionally, its durability means that your investment will last a lot longer.

Makes your bathroom appear larger

Semi-frameless shower screens do not have aluminium frames disturbing the fluidity of the bathroom which results in a room that is much more spacious and breathable. Unlike baths or concrete showers, the glass screens of a semi-frameless shower reflect natural light in the bathroom, illuminating dark corners and making the entire space appear much larger.

Small bathrooms are difficult and expensive to alter, however, a semi-frameless shower can offer you some relief by creating the illusion that your space is bigger with its minimal design. This feature becomes particularly helpful if you ever decide to rent or resell your home.

Grows with your family

Families grow and require different features from their home – the bathroom is no exception. It can be exhausting and costly to constantly change your shower or bath according to your family’s needs. It’s also difficult to find one that suits a variety of guests’ needs.

Our semi-frameless shower screen, however, is suitable for everyone. Whether you have small children who need an easy and durable shower to hold onto and climb into, or older people who require the space for accessibility equipment, semi-frameless shower screens are able to accommodate.

Investing in quality frameless shower screens is vital for any home. If you have any more questions about a frameless shower screen or how to maintain it, contact our team. Our shower screen frame installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.