How can our frameless glass shower screen make your Sydney home feel like a hotel?
frameless glass shower screen

Everyone’s dream is to feel like they live in a hotel. For most people, this isn’t possible, however, our company makes your living experience a little more enjoyable with our frameless glass shower screens. At Panorama Shower Screens, we believe that your home and specifically, your bathroom, should exude comfort, tranquillity and luxury. However, as bathrooms are often quite small and sometimes constructed with underwhelming furnishes, it can be quite difficult to achieve this effect.

4 ways our frameless glass shower screen can make your home feel like a hotel Adds elegance with expert craftsmanship and high quality 

All of our products at Panorama Shower Screens are manufactured with precision and expertise. Our highly skilled craftsmen execute beautiful products with flawless hardware and impeccable glass screens.

Like any exquisite hotel bathroom, our high-quality frameless glass shower screens will provide you with a luxurious experience in our showstopping shower. Hotels have some of the best furnishes in the world, which is why you should only select the best and most modern shower for your home. Quality adds a layer of luxury that can’t be replicated by anything else.

Appears clean with minimum effort because it’s low-maintenance 

Hotels are always pristine, and while it’s difficult to keep an entire house clean without daily housekeeping, there are a few steps you can take to improve its maintenance. In your bathroom, our frameless glass shower screen can provide a major low-maintenance element. As they are frameless, there aren’t any grooves and corners for dirt, mould and grime to get trapped. All you have to do is wipe the shower down every two weeks to keep it clean.

Improves the perceived size of the bathroom

Most people don’t have the luxury of a hotel-sized bathroom, however, a frameless glass shower screen can make it seem like your space is much larger. The glass screens reflect natural light in your bathroom, illuminating dark corners. Additionally, the frameless screens do not interrupt the fluidity of the room. Altogether, your space will appear much larger and less cluttered.

Guarantees a flawless performance due to its durability 

Our frameless glass screens are made with Australian Standard Toughened Safety Glass. This means that they are incredibly durable and will last for years to come.

The strength of our glass screens and high-quality hardware also mean that your shower will appear pristine over time and with usage. Like a hotel, the product will remain impeccable and add luxury to your bathroom.

What other ways can make your home feel like a hotel? 

Installing a frameless glass shower screen will undoubtedly have a massive impact on your bathroom and home’s aesthetic, however, there are a few minor changes that you can make in your home to further enhance this effect. Here are a few of our suggestions: Try to use white linens 

○ White linens, whether they be towels or sheets, exude luxury and are often the chosen colour by hotels. A simple change of colour in your towels can make your bathroom feel much cleaner and elegant. White towels also display less wear and tear with use.

  • Add more mirrors to your home 

○ Whether you add mirrors to your bathroom or the rest of your home, the effect will be the same. Mirrors reflect your space and make it appear much larger than it already is. It’s similar to the effect that our glass shower screens have on bathrooms.

  • Use light and airy colours 

○ Light and airy colours always perform best in a bathroom. It does not interfere with the tranquillity of the room and can complement almost any furnishing or decor. Whether it’s your paint colour, countertop or tiles, light and airy is usually the best and safest path forward.

  • nclude candles in your bathroom 

○ Even though candles are not permitted in hotels, they can improve the luxury of your bathroom. Bathrooms have a tendency to become stuffy and smelly, especially during the winter when the windows can’t open. A candle doesn’t just add ambience, but it can rid the smells that ruin the atmosphere of your bathroom.

Investing in quality frameless glass shower screens is vital for any home. If you have any more questions about a frameless glass shower screen or how to maintain it, contact our team. Our shower screen frame installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.