Sydney, we have some maintenance tips for your shower screen to keep it looking pristine all year round
frameless shower screens

Shower screens are an investment worth protecting and making last as long as you can. You don’t want to be changing your shower screen every few years because you haven’t maintained it properly. Let’s face it; no one enjoys cleaning their bathroom. However, there is no escaping this chore, as ignoring the maintenance of your shower screen is only going to make it harder when you get around to it. 

The right maintenance routine is essential to have a shower screen that looks good all year round. Essential Tip: consistent effort and cleaning.

To ensure the shower screen in your Sydney home is clean, pristine and sheen, we have put together some shower maintenance tips.

  1. A quality shower screen is the best way to ensure it is going to be long-lasting. A cheap shower screen doesn’t always mean it is going to be bad quality. There are many affordable shower screens in Sydney that are high-quality and long-lasting.Buying a shower screen from a reputable manufacturer who ensures quality and meets the standards will safeguard you from any problems in the future. At Panorama Shower Screens we have a range of high end, affordable and cheap shower screens in Sydney that exude quality.
  2. Select an affordable shower screen in Sydney with fewer fixtures and surfaces for lower maintenance. Why choose an option that is going to cause you pain and difficulty. Make your cleaning job much more manageable and make a smart choice.Tip: the best option is a frameless fixed shower screen as they don’t collect any scum or mould. They also provide a clean and crisp look to any bathroom design!
  3. A clean shower screen starts with a clean shower head. It is important to clean your showerhead once to twice a year, as this is where all the water comes from and needs to be maintained properly. Soaking up and dissolving any built-up minerals with white vinegar will ensure a clean shower head, meaning an even cleaner shower screen.
  4. It is important to to use non-abrasive cleaning products such as softs cloths and mild cleaners. Don’t ruin your shower screen with harsh cleaning products and abrasive cleaning materials. Vinegar is an amazing natural shower cleaner as well as the combination of baking soda and lemon juice. Whatever product you choose, ensure they don’t cause any damage to the shower screen in your Sydney home!
  5. Cleaning the mould within your shower needs to be handled straight away. If you see rust in your shower, don’t panic. Although it can be unappealing, getting rid of it as soon as you can is crucial as it is not great for your health. To remove mould, spray vinegar on the affected area and let it sit for an hour. After that, use a cloth soaked in hot water to wipe the area clean finishing off with drying the area.
  6. Blocked and dirty drains make up an unpleasant bathroom experience, which is why it is important they are cleaned regularly to remove any excess materials. This can be done by pouring boiling water down the drain to break down the blockage.
  7. Glass squeegees are a fantastic way to clean your shower. We recommend using this every time you use the shower. A quick rundown will help keep your shower screen fresh and streak-free. After that, wiping the screen dry with a soft cloth will help keep the glass looking clean and fresh for longer.
  8. We also recommend allowing good airflow in your bathroom. Keeping the windows and doors open throughout the day will help with reducing mould. It is also important to use the extraction fan when showering to suck up any steam and humidity in the air. This will ensure there is no mould build up in your bathroom and eliminates the hassle of cleaning it!
  9. A common question asked by many home-owners is how often they should clean their shower screen in their Sydney home? We say weekly, as this is enough to keep away any soap scum and hard water stain build-ups. Cleaning weekly will allow you to erase any stains before build up.

At Panorama Shower Screens we have a variety of different designs and configurations that will suit your needs. Our range of affordable shower screens will ensure you to find one that fits in your Sydney home. 

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