Top 5 bathroom trends for 2020: from semi-frameless shower screens to heated floors
semi-frameless shower screens

We’ve made it to 2020! It’s that time of year again where we take a peek into what is going to be in style for the year, and what you’re going to want to get rid of. 2020 is your year to shine! Whether you are undertaking a bathroom renovation or building a new home, keeping your bathroom modern and vibrant is key!

Before you get carried away with your design ideas, we are here to let you in on some of the top bathroom trends we’ll be seeing in 2020.

Freestanding bathtubs and sinks

Freestanding baths are the epitome of designing a luxury bathroom. An instant way to elevate the design of your bathroom – nothing comes close to the aesthetic impact they create. They add an immediate ‘wow-factor’ to your bathroom and are completely versatile. Freestanding baths are great as they can be placed nearly anywhere in your bathroom. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to clean, maintain and even replace if something was to go wrong. Freestanding bathtubs are a bathroom classic and one that certainly won’t go out of style. So … it is definitely worth the investment – not only is it a classic, but it will increase the value of your home and retain their value through time.

Free-standing vanities/sinks are also a great way to transform your bathroom space to a livable space rather than just a ‘utility room’. These vanities are the perfect choice if you are after the ultra-modern look and want to create clean, crisp and minimalist lines in your bathroom. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also amazing for additional storage space and can make your bathroom look more spacious.

Heated bathroom floors

Luxury at it’s finest. Imagine walking into your bathroom bare-feet without having to worry about freezing your toes off. Well, there is, in fact, a solution and it’s called heated bathroom floors. A very common problem with going to the bathroom at night is stepping on cold floors! A bathroom feature that is definitely going to be trending for the year 2020. The biggest benefit of bathroom flooring systems is their ability to uniformly heat a room and the floor. Gone are the days where the bathroom floors are freezing and you have to tip-toe out.

Semi-frameless shower screen

Semi-frameless shower screens have been around for a while but are re-surfacing as a must-have for 2020. Semi-frameless shower screens come in a range of glass colours, frosted glass allowing you to easily colour match with the rest of your bathroom. Semi-frameless shower screens are extremely beneficial as they can be configured in many different ways meaning you can install it in any part of your space – depending on your needs. You can also have the option of including a magnetic closure for a more secure closing.

Matte fixtures

The latest texture trend in the kitchen and the bathroom… Matte (particularly black) fixtures offer a sharp, fresh and modern appearance. Matte black is a bold and powerful colour, easily striking and visibly noticeable. Not only do matte fixtures look extra luxurious and sleek but they are also great for hiding dirt and dust. If you want to give your bathroom a modern look that won’t be forgotten.

Waterfall shower with light colour accents

Waterfall showers are not a new trend, however, are coming back into the spotlight for 2020. Turn your bathroom into a spa and create a peaceful sanctuary. How? Installing a waterfall shower give the appearance of a natural waterfall creating a soothing environment. It is also nice to pair waterfall showers with matching accents such as white lights or natural stone. Seamlessly integrating all elements of your bathroom will create an aesthetically pleasing design.

At Panorama Shower Screens we have a range of high-quality semi-frameless shower screens providing the look of an almost frameless shower screen at a more affordable price. The perfect addition to your bathroom – these shower screens will transform the space within an instance.

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