Transform your Sydney bathroom into a spacious havan with a glass shower screen
glass shower screen sydney

Are you struggling to make the most out of your bathroom space? Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous. Designing your home with the right shower screen can help transform your space within an instant. Choosing the right shower screen for your Sydney bathroom can either make or break your design. It is vital you also take into account the dynamics of your space and what kind of shower screen is going to best suit the surrounding environment.

Are you ready to give your bathroom an overhaul? Think big, add your flair and remember to break some rules. We have put together some other ideas apart from a glass shower screen you should take into account before you start the design process.

  1. Your bathroom should be comfortable and have great functionality. Bathrooms are usually a communal space where sharing is critical. Finding a way to seamlessly establish a clear area should be your main focus. For example, placing the toilet in a privatised compartment, adjacent to the bath-tub or shower can open up your bathroom. You can also choose a modern and sleek dual sink which will help you create more space.
  2. Ensure your bathroom has enough storage space to stock up on all the essentials. Even with limited bathroom space, there are several ways to create storage space. You can add built-in cabinets or open shelving for towels and supplies. The options are endless when it comes to organising storage space for a bathroom. A great way to add storage space is to install a mirrored cabinet on top of your vanity. This way you will have a two in one solution – both a mirror and storage!
  3. A vanity is an essential part of any bathroom and can take up a lot of space. A floating vanity is a perfect option to balance the demand for storage with a desire for space to breathe. The simple peek of flooring under the vanity can help the area feel more open and can make a large difference to the overall design of your bathroom space.
  4. Shower screens are a great way to add elegance and style in the bathroom. Frameless or semi-frameless shower screens in Sydney can create the illusion of a larger space. They can also be used for other purposes, like mounting towels instead of having towel rails. Glass shower screens are the ultimate way to open up space. The entire footage of the room can be visible at once, especially when you are in the shower. If you prefer more privacy, you can always use a frosted or tinted glass panel which still allows light to filter through but adds an element of seclusion. It is important that the installation of your frameless shower screen in Sydney is done professionally to eliminate issues. Glass shower screens look sleek and chic and can make your bathroom space look polished and unified. These shower screens are also completely customisable, allowing you to create a design that meets your needs. Not only are they appealing to the eye but they are also extremely durable and require little maintenance.
  5. Another great way to make your bathroom in Sydney look larger is by using lots of white. One of the easiest ways to create an airy and open look. White makes spaces appear larger and reflects any available light, rather than absorbing it. Many bathroom appliances/fixtures typically come in white which makes it easier to incorporate. You may be thinking that the use of a lot of white could make the space look boring and flat. However, a few additions of textural elements such as pale stone, metallics, wood or fabric accents will retain the seamless look while still giving the eye lots to take in.

At Panorama Shower Screens we can help you select a shower screen that works best for your bathroom. When it comes to selecting a glass shower screen, the options are endless. We are here to make your job easier. Whatever your preference, our team can customise a design to suit and fit your space. Getting a shower screen installed for a cheap price in Sydney may not be the best bet. Make sure the installation of your frameless shower screen is done by a professional in Sydney and contact us!

Our shower screens are made with quality finishes and are manufactured to Australian standards. For durable, reliable and modern designs, choose Panorama Shower Screens.

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