Unsure about a semi frameless shower screen? Ask yourself 5 questions
semi frameless shower screen

Australia’s market is flooded with shower options for bathrooms. Among all of the options, only a few contenders have risen to become the most popular items on the Aussie market. Framed, semi frameless and frameless shower screens are in almost every bathroom in Sydney–for good reason! They are elegant, beautiful and low-maintenance. Adding either option to your bathroom will instantly give it a facelift and transform it into your personal oasis.

However, many customers have a problem deciding which option is best for them, particularly when it comes to semi-frameless shower screens. Widely regarded as having the best of both worlds, it is still unique in its appearance and functionality. So, how do you decide if a semi frameless shower screen is the way to go? Our team at Panorama Shower Screens know our products best and have come up with key questions that can help you make your transformative decision.

6 questions to help you decide on a semi frameless shower screen

Do you crave a modern aesthetic?

Whether you select a frameless, framed or semi frameless shower screen, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be purchasing a beautifully designed and modern shower for your bathroom. What makes a semi frameless shower screen different? We believe that semi frameless shower screens are able to provide a modern aesthetic that can complement any bathroom, whether you currently have boho, traditional or sleek decor.

The outer perimeter of the shower is framed, with the remaining edges frameless. This gives you the opportunity to customise the colour of your shower screen according to your bathroom’s decor while also maintaining a modern aesthetic. This combination fits seamlessly into any bathroom and brings Panorama Shower Screens’ signature modern and clean look.

Do you want to customise your shower screen?

Customising your shower screen is possible on two fronts with the semi frameless option. Unlike the frameless shower screen, the semi frameless sports a frame around the outer perimeter of the glass screen. This gives you the option to customise the colour according to your preference. Some of the most popular colours for this are black and dark brown. Both make the shower screen the focal point of your bathroom while maintaining a sleek appearance.

The second customisable option that you have is the glass screen itself. Glass screens are available with coloured tints like blue, green or grey. Additionally, you can request a textured glass screen. This adds a frosted and muted white look to your bathroom and makes you feel more secluded and like your bathroom is a personal oasis.

Are you in search of a budget-friendly option?

Whichever shower screen you select, you are certain to acquire a timeless feature for your bathroom that can for years. Framed, frameless or semi frameless shower screens are all significant investments. Semi frameless shower screens, while more costly than framed shower screens, are less costly than frameless shower screens. However, semi frameless shower screens have the best of both worlds – the elegance of frameless shower screens and the customizability of a framed shower screen. In our books, this makes it a fantastic option for anyone looking to add the look of a frameless shower screen at a more affordable price.

Do you want a low-maintenance shower?

Semi frameless shower screens are incredibly low-maintenance because of their lack of framing on the inner edging of the screen. The inner edging of the screen is extremely difficult to clean as it can accumulate mildew and debris quite easily. However, only the outer perimeter of the semi frameless shower screen is framed, meaning that the glass pane can be easily accessed and cleaned.

Are you concerned about durability?

Durability in a shower screen is usually a concern for anyone who plans to keep their shower for years, or who has little ones or furry friends in their household. Children can bang on shower screens while some pets scratch at the door, both can easily cause wear and tear on your shower screen. However, if you are concerned about durability then, semi frameless shower screens are the way to go. They are stronger than frameless because of the reinforcement from the frame surrounding the outer perimeter of the screen. Additionally, it’s made with Australian Standard Toughened Safety Glass, making it more durable than any other screen on the market and enabling it to be brand new for years to come.

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