Why a framed shower screen is ideal for your guest bathroom
framed shower screen

Have you decided to remodel your guest bathroom? If you have, you are probably stuck with choosing many new elements–one of which includes a framed shower screen. Nowadays, there are many options in the market for a shower or bath option. You can choose from deep, spa-like baths to open, walk-in showers. However, a framed shower screen is one of the most popular options selected by Australians–for good reason!

A guest bathroom is often, one of the first rooms anyone visiting your room will see. It makes a lasting impression on the overall aesthetic of your home. Many guest bathrooms are neglected and thus, become outdated and lacklustre so, if you have the budget and opportunity to remodel yours, go for it! Before we dive into why a framed shower screen is perfect for a guest bathroom, let’s take a look at what your guest bathroom should evoke.


      • Modern fixtures go a long way in impressing your guests. It signals to them that you constantly update your home and view it as a priority.
  • Luxurious
      • While this is not a necessity, it certainly can help impress your guest. Hotel-like luxury can be achieved with simple touches such as fluffy white towels and a fully stocked cabinet.
  • Clean and tidy
    • Ensuring that your guest bathroom is clean and tidy is one of the best pieces of advice that you can follow. A clean and tidy guest bathroom signals to your guest that you take pride in the order and cleanliness of your home.

The 4 reasons to include a framed shower screen


Framed shower screens can instantly modernise an outdated bathroom. Its sleek lines, crystal clear glass screens and minimalist aesthetic brighten up even the darkest of bathrooms. Unfortunately, some bathrooms only have a sliver of a window, causing their bathroom to look dark, small and unimpressive. The modern glass screen allows even the tiniest bit of light to reflect off it, immediately illuminating the room.

To capitalise on the modern aesthetic of your shower screen, we highly recommend the following colour palettes:

  • White frame –  a white frame will blend in beautifully with your screen and increase the modernisation factor. Use this colour to achieve a modern minimalist appearance.
  • Black frame – black is a bold but forward colour. It is one of the trending colours for the year and achieves an industrial but modern aesthetic.
  • Silver frame – If you’re trying to achieve an ultra-modern look, then this is the way to go. Plus, the silver frame will allow even more light to bounce around your room.


One of the great things about framed shower screens versus frameless and semi-frameless is the ample space to customise! With this option, you have frames around the entire screen, allowing you to select colours that make a bold statement in your bathroom. For your guest bathroom, this is exactly what you want. You want to make an impression that lasts. What better way to do it than with a bold pop of colour?

Additionally, you are able to further customise your framed shower screen by changing the colour of the glass screen. Blue and green tints are popular choices and can have an ethereal aesthetic. Additionally, you can opt for sandblasted screens which can provide your guest with a more private shower.

Accessibility for everyone

We know that it can be tempting to install a beautiful bath into your guest bathroom but, before you do, answer this: is a bath suitable for everyone? Framed shower screens are suitable for everyone! By this, we mean that whether your guest has little ones who can’t climb into a bath or is older and would rather the stability and ease of a framed shower screen, he or she will be able to use the shower. Framed shower screens are extremely easy for those with accessibility issues (we don’t just mean older persons but also, the disabled and those who are injured) to use. Wouldn’t you rather an inclusive option?


Keeping your guest bathroom clean is one of the most important things for impressing them. However, bathrooms are notoriously difficult to keep clean. From soap scum to mould, the problems are endless! However, a framed shower screen is your key to an eternally clean shower! With access to the entire glass shower screen, it’s simple to wipe the pane clean.

Whatever the size of your project, we have the perfect option for you. From framed, semi-frameless to frameless shower screens – we have a fit for every need.

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