Why a semi frameless shower screen is perfect for your Airbnb
semi-frameless shower screen

Deciding to renovate, refurbish or upgrade your Airbnb is a great way to make your home, apartment or room more attractive to visitors. With the amount of competition on Airbnb, it’s important that you regularly update your place, even if it means one element at a time. We understand that upgrading an entire place, even if it is just one room can be expensive, which is why we highly recommend that you install a semi-frameless shower screen in your Airbnb. It’s the perfect singular element that will bring your place back into the 21st century and attract visitors, regardless of their style or want.

Users of Airbnb frequently look for homes that are updated, modern and functional. A home with a dated bathroom can easily suffer from a lack of visitors or poor rating; this is why it is important that you install modern elements such as a semi-frameless shower screen into your bathroom. Customers are paying for a comfortable and clean home away from home with an Airbnb. Semi-frameless shower screens bring you one step closer to offering them just that. In this article, we’ll further explore why semi-frameless shower screens are the right choice for your Airbnb.

5 reasons why a sliding semi-frameless glass shower screen is perfect for your Airbnb

Easy to maintain 

Anyone who has used Airbnb knows how important the cleanliness rating is and how picky visitors can be. Tubs are extremely difficult to clean and regularly have a build-up of mould and grime. Additionally, glass framed shower screens, while beautiful and one of our top-selling products can be a little tiresome to clean because of its frames. A semi-frameless glass shower screen, however, is extremely easy to clean, even if you’re doing it yourself!  If you have a hired cleaner, you also don’t have to worry about them missing a spot as it is that simple to clean.

There are no extra grooves or nooks and crannies to worry about. It also has the advantage of looking pristine when just cleaned, giving your guests an immediate great first impression. Semi-frameless shower screens also age extremely well and show little sign of wear and tear, making it a great investment for any Airbnb host.

Modern finishes

Modern finishes generally photograph well and are more attractive to prospective guests. A semi-frameless shower screen is a timeless addition to a bathroom and can immediately update its profile. With its clear glass screens, absence of a heavy full-frame and sharp edges, a sliding semi-frameless shower screen provides a clean and sleek aesthetic to your Airbnb and is generally viewed as more favourable by Airbnb guests. Remember that Airbnb guests are in search of value and would rather stay in a home with modern finishes than one with a dated aesthetic.

Makes your bathroom appear larger

One of the biggest advantages of a semi-frameless shower screen is its ability to reflect light in a bathroom. In addition to naturally illuminating the bathroom by bouncing the light around and into dark corners of the bathroom, semi-frameless shower screens also have the advantage of making bathrooms appear large. The clear glass screens of the semi-frameless shower do not obstruct the seamless flow of the bathroom, unlike tubs, making the bathroom appear more spacious. In a world where bathrooms are never large or bright enough, the appeal of a semi-frameless shower screen’s impact by prospective Airbnb guests cannot be emphasised enough.

Suitable for all ages

Lastly, a major advantage of semi-frameless shower screens, and possibly one of the most important points, is the inclusivity that it promotes. Airbnb guests span everyone from toddlers to seniors, making the needs of a guest impossible to predict. A semi-frameless shower screen does not present a hurdle for either, nor for those who have a mobile impairment and need help showering either from another person or with equipment. A semi-frameless shower screen provides an easy showering space for all, without having to deal with the height, lack of space and awkwardness of a tub. For an Airbnb host, this means that they are more attractive to more people.

Investing in quality sliding semi-frameless shower screen is vital for your Airbnb as this is something that will make your space profitable and will be a part of your bathroom for many years to come. When you reach out to our team, we’ll ensure that you find a product that meets every requirement and needs that you may have. Our installation team will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible so that you can start using your new Panorama Shower Screens product.